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Brick Wall

Our Mission...

Waterbury Arts encourages the ongoing development of temporary and permanent public art projects in Waterbury, Vermont.

    About Us    

Waterbury Arts is an all-volunteer group of dedicated community members who love art and want to see more of it in public spaces. We are a small but mighty group of young and not-so-young designers, writers, small business owners and artists that understand and appreciate the importance and benefits of public art within communities. We wish to liven up our amazing small town of Waterbury, Vermont with art of all types for everyone to enjoy.

Learn more about the benefits of public art:

Public Art 101

Why Public Art Matters




Phoenix Rising

Our Phoenix Rising installation will be a permanent reminder of how we, as a community, found new life through adversity.

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Future Projects

Waterbury Arts has a number of projects on the horizon, but we would also like to hear about your ideas for public art. 



Have an idea for a public art installation? Want to learn more about our group or even join us at one of our monthly meetings? Fill out the contact form or email us at:

Thanks for submitting!

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